Gonna BEAT This Thing Corporate Awareness Partners


YES would proudly like to thank our Gonna BEAT This Thing! corporate awareness partners for making our mission of raising awareness for those touched by advanced cancer possible.  Without our corporate partners' time, commitment, and willingness to share their voice YES would not succeed. It is only together that we can work towards our goal of changing the stigma for all who struggle with advanced cancer. Our corporate partners make raising awareness, sharing resources, giving back to the community, and advancing patient support possible. We will continue working together to ensure that we are "Gonna BEAT This Thing!" called advanced cancer.




Please fill out and return the Corporate Awareness Partner Pledge form along with your logo.  We will send each partner 100 bee bands and "Gonna BEAT This Thing" stickers to distribute.




When cancer spreads, we are suddenly thrust into the fight of our lives for ourselves and for those we love.  Join us and help change the advanced cancer stigma of  “dying from cancer” to “living with cancer”.

This program is brought to you by YES! and the following corporate sponsors:

Genentech    Sirtex

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